Elegant Interface

Interface designed by experts reconciling aesthetics with fastest and easiest communication with the user.


Integrated with every bit of business process management toolsets to deliver a complete and seamless solution.


EMLYNC caters features and workflows to inhabit any kind of business which might be running in any standard of workflow.

Multi Platform

The modules of EMLYNC are spread over different platforms like web, Android and iOS in order to perform at different cases.

Manage you business from anywhere


The cloud database system furnishes privileges to synchronize each operation data in the enterprise between different modules, platforms and user levels in real time.

Elastically Robust

Customizable to any business standards

EMLYNC is at the same time a product and a solution as well. Delivering customized workflow and toolsets along with following international business standards is our speciality.

Different business sectors have different credentials, criteria, and customs. A service solution provider works differently to a trader. Largescale businesses and small-scale businesses are dissimilar to each other in operations, workflows, and management standards. In the case of EMLYNC, we provide customizability to occupy each and every workflow requirement that runs in your business. Our team is expert to study your business, create a workflow outline and design an EMLYNC that fits in your business.

Integrated with

Warehouse Tracking Devices

Radio Frequency Tags are used to automate inventory in incoming and outgoing of goods and products in and out of stores and warehouses.

Biometric Systems

Every bit of human access and presence are scrutinized and stored in to the database with the help of Biometric devices like fingerprint scanners. 

GPS & More

GPS devices integrated with service vehicles in the company communicate with EMLYNC in real time to make freight services precise.  


Toolsets and workflow for an expedited enterprise business flux

Enterprise Modules

Every essential modules of an enterprise management solution are integrated inside EMLYNC by default. They will be following standard workflow used in the industry and can be used in any businesses that follow common standards.


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